Cloud Migration

ERP Cloud Migration

Even though the prospect of having a standardized technical infrastructure that facilitates real-time cross-collaboration, data access, and information sharing among all employees of a firm is alluring, most firms shy away from taking that leap. That’s because the major hurdle to get to the Cloud Utopia is the cumbersome process of ERP Cloud Migration.

Cloud Migration Process

Step 1


We will assess the benefits your organization will derive by making a switch to the cloud. The cloud offers many benefits, but you must be sure of the exact benefits that your organization will achieve by moving your applications to the cloud. Understand digital business services end-to-end, and outside-in from the external customer’s perspective.

Step 2

Our Plan

Many applications are not cloud-friendly. In fact, some perform better on private or hybrid clouds than on a public cloud. Hence, they might need minor tweaking or in-depth code changes. So we will outline a plan that will detail a cloud model that is right for your business.

Step 3


We will prepare your application & its infrastructure for the migration. We back up your data, execute a disaster recovery drill and inform the stakeholders about potential downtime and its impact on their processes.

Step 4


Based on the aforementioned plan, our expert consultants will execute the migration catered to the architecture of your existing applications. We can move your entire application over, run a test to see that it works, and then switch over your on-premises traffic. Alternatively, we can take a one-at-a-time approach, slowly moving data over, validating, and then continuing this process until all the data is moved to the cloud.

Step 5


To check the efficiency with which you use the cloud, we will conduct periodic monitoring. We understand, manage, observe, and analyze your new cloud environment and ensure that the user experience is still at acceptable levels and the applications are running seamlessly.

Step 6


We spend the time following the migration to seek additional modernization opportunities in order to optimize the cost and performance. We understand that moving a few apps to the cloud may not lead to much ROI, but optimizing resources, data, and your cloud subscription can lead to considerable value creation.

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