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Database Management

With SoftArt, you get access to round-the-clock reliable, customizable database administration services from professional DBAs who will keep your systems properly maintained and running smoothly at an affordable monthly rate. 

Our Database Management services allow you to maximize your ROI from your Oracle Investment and allow your IT resources to focus on high-value activities. 

We operate with the mentality of “consumer first”. Hence, we provide flexible and customizable plans of service to all our clients. 

From joining your internal team as a helping hand to overseeing all Oracle Database operations, our industry consultants can join your company in the capacity you want. 

Why Us?

24/7 Performance Monitoring of the Database

Application Database Administrators (AD Utils)​

RDBMS Patching ​

Database Cloning/Refreshes ​

Apply & Testing Patches / Code Fixes ​

RDBMS Upgrades ​

Performance Tuning​

Database Assessments ​

High Availability

DR Rehearsals ​

System Health Checks

Backup and Recovery ​

Database Monitoring

To support the constantly evolving priorities of your business, you require your internal IT infrastructure to be robust and perform optimally at all points of time.

Database health checks are a critical component of managing a healthy database operating environment that can handle all such changes. Usually, this is a taxing task for in-house DBAs primarily because of the breadth of knowledge required to anticipate and fix all the upcoming caveats in the environment. 

SoftArt provides regular Health Checks aided by Industry vetted DBAs who have shared knowledge on how to assess and interpret database diagnostics. 

Size And Space Issues

  • Space utilization, file system (ASM)
  • Tablespace critical and warning threshold levels
  • Size of your SGA Object size
  • Size of databases

Security Issues

  • Analysis Of User Accounts
  • Dormant Accounts Presenting Security Risk
  • Privilege Assignment Assessment
  • Configuration Of Recycle Bin

System Issues

  • Database Components
  • Backup Review
  • Non Default Parameters
  • Proactive Monitoring

Performance Issues

  • Redo Logs
  • Duplicate SQL Issues
  • Invalid Objects
  • Statistics Gathering
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