Oracle Database
Tuning & Upgrade

Performance Tuning

SoftArt administers your Oracle Database to improve its performance. We achieve this by optimizing SQL Statements and query execution plans to complete requests more efficiently. 

Why is Performance Tuning Necessary ?

Without performance tuning, your database will operate with poorly optimized SQL Statements. Thereby forcing the database to work much harder to retrieve information that leads to overuse of system resources. This overuse affects the user experience on connected applications adversely and ends up being the bottleneck of multiple key operations.

Our consultants monitor your database regularly and address performance issues by identifying early signs of performance degradation. 


Our team looks out for common issues like Database Wait Events, Load Average, and Database Sessions.

Simply put, SoftArt’s consultants identify the bottleneck and find a way to resolve it. . We identify the root cause of the bottleneck to check whether it is an internal issue or external. We follow it up with re-coding SQL Statements to inculcate a permanent fix.

Tuning Methodology

Identify High-Cost Queries

Minimize the Workload

Use Stateful Connections with Applications

Collect and Store Optimizer Statistics

Database Upgrades

For every reason you might have for choosing not to upgrade your Database, we have ten reasons for why you should. With a constantly evolving marketplace, you want your business to constantly stay market-relevant and optimize internal operations with reducing labor. To keep your enterprise in what is called the “Enterprise Sweet Spot” we provide Database Upgrade services to keep your company eligible for premier support.

Although mandatory, updating a database can be tricky and if not implemented accurately, it can lead to disastrous implications. Hence, at SoftArt, our Database consultants operate with a transparent structured approach with an efficiency that’s unparalleled by anyone else.

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Reasons To Upgrade

Updated Security Patches

Easier Future Upgrades.

Better Data Protection

Optimized Data Consolidation

Easier Cloud Migration

Application Vendor Support

Upgrade Methodology

Step 1

Identify Upgrade Path and Prepare the Upgrade

Step 2

Test the Upgrade Process.

Step 3

Test the Upgraded Database.

Step 4

Prepare and Preserve the Production Database.

Step 5

Upgrade the Production Database

Step 6

Tune and Adjust the New Production Database.

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