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The world is changing, SaaS solutions are your chance to get ahead of the curve.

The developments of last year have accelerated the incumbent requirement for remote access to key business functionalities. Up until recently, in the vertical of Enterprise Resource Planning, remote access was nothing more than a pipe dream. 

But with SaaS solutions, businesses can subscribe to software over the Web and pay for it on a monthly/semi-annual/annual basis. Their services can be accessed online from anywhere with an Internet connection, so remote and mobile workers can always be connected to the home office.

Benefits Of Our Solutions

Rapid Deployment
Rather than taking months to implement, you can use the solution in a matter of minutes.
Less Expensive & More Predictable Cost
You only have to pay a set monthly or annual subscription fee, typically based on the number of users. In addition to drastically reducing upfront hardware and software purchases, SaaS also eliminates the need for hiring or outsourcing specialized IT talent.
Low or No Risk Trials
You can test-drive online services over the Internet and see if it fits your needs before making a long term commitment.
Faster ROI
By reducing deployment time as well as initial and ongoing capital investments and staffing costs, you can reduce risk and achieve a faster return on investment.
Ease Of Use
Web-based applications use familiar Web interfaces that are easy for administrators and users to navigate, resulting in higher user adoption and reduced training costs.

Custom Curated Products


A tool that proactively monitors your Oracle Databases, Applications and Infrastructure, providing you better business intelligence and freeing up resources to focus on business tasks.


1Trooper helps you to gain full visibility over sensitive data, applications, and systems within your organization and control access to them. This way you can increase your productivity without worrying about the security risks and misuse of responsibility.


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